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Summit Pole Caddy Clips (2 pc)

Summit Pole Caddy Clips (2 pc)

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The Summit Pole Clips provide an efficient way to hold your Livescope or Active Target tranducer cable to the Summit Transducer Pole. Simply position the cable and snap the three clamps onto the pole to keep the transducer cable in place and protected while still allowing the cable to slide while the pole is extended or retracted. Each purchase includes three clamps, each sized to match the Summit Transducer Pole sections. The cable clamps are 1/2" thick ABS which remains flexible unlike the materials other cable clamps are made from. Backed by Summit's Lifetime warranty.

Note: These clamps fit the both the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Transducer Poles, and currently available for other pole sizes listed.

Pictures show the cable clamps installed on the Summit Transducer Pole which is sold separately

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