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ArcLab Lvs34 Superflex Transducer Protector Cover

ArcLab Lvs34 Superflex Transducer Protector Cover

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The Super Flex Transducer Protector for Garmin's Livescope LVS34 transducer offers superior protection for your valuable transducer. The protector is designed to fit securely in place with passive retention and completely isolates the transducer. The protector can be easily installed or removed in seconds. Ultra soft and flexible TPU construction helps to mitigate shock load from impacts and prevents the transducers lenses from getting scuffed and compromised while stowed. Perfect for summer and winter fishing. 

- Superior protection for your Livescope LVS34 transducer

- Maintain perfect optical quality from your transducers lenses 

- Easy installation and removal

- Remains flexible in extreme cold

- One piece construction designed to gently secure the  transducer in place

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